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  • Shadowman (2018) TP Vol 02 Dead & Gone
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Shadowman (2018) TP Vol 02 Dead & Gone

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A legend-fueled odyssey into eons past!
For years, Jack Boniface believed that he knew the true story of the Shadowman loa - the true
story of the curse inside him. He was wrong.
For the first time, Jack Boniface is about to discover the long-hidden history of the
supernatural power that became his birthright... Unmoored in time and space, the loa is about
to reveal its untold dimensions...and now, the last defender of the wall between our realm and
the Deadside is falling backwards through the astral void, finding himself face to face with his
forebears across the centuries - from the paranoia-addled alleyways of 1940s New York to
the fire-scorched plantations of the Civil War...all the way back to the primeval height of the
African savannah in 40,000 B.C.!

Master storyteller Andy Diggle (Green Arrow: Year One) leads a cast of superstar artists -
including Shawn Martinbrough (Thief of Thieves), Doug Braithwaite (Justice), and Renato
Guedes (Wolverine) - to reveal the full scope and power of the Shadowman mythos.