Meet The Team

At Books with Pictures Eugene, we believe comics are for everyone. If you like stories and you like art, there’s a comic for you—they can be fun and easy to read, but they can also be an incredibly complex, challenging narrative form. We’ve created a space where both new converts and lifetime fans will find something—a reading group, a creator talk, a new release party, or maybe just a pleasant conversation. We're especially excited to bring this space downtown—easily accessible year-round, near the library, and steps away from lots of other amazing local businesses.

Our shop will focus on a curated stock of new comics and graphic novels, with a special focus on books that cater to the interests of folks who often feel left out of traditional geek spaces: women, kids, BIPOC and the LGBTQ community. 

Meet the Team

Books with Pictures in Eugene is independent and locally operated by Andréa Gilroy, who earned her PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Oregon (UO) in 2015. Her dissertation focused on comics history and the way comics represent identity. After graduation, she has worked as a comics educator teaching courses at UO (including acting as 2016-17 Interim Director of the UO Comics & Cartoon Studies Program) and PSU, serving on the board of ICAF, co-curating cool exhibits, and speaking at conferences and conventions. She also made Comics Crash Course. She is thrilled to build a space that uses the power of comics and the passion of fans to build community.

Floor manager Finlay Louden (they/them) is a Young Avengers, Moon Knight, and VENOM expert. They also are a graduate of UO, with a BA in Comparative Literature focusing on medieval Scandinavian and Russian literature. They previously worked at an independent bookstore managing used books, translations, comics, history, and antiquarian books.


Maestro of mags, Faust of floppies, Master of manga, assistant (to the) regional manager, Levi Sager (he/him) is a jack-of-all-trades with a love of art. He wants to be Conan the Barbarian when he grows up.