Store Policies

At Books With Pictures Eugene, we believe comics are for everyone. We strive to create an environment that reflects that belief. As such, any harassment (verbal or non-verbal) directed toward a person's national origin, race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, appearance, gender identity or expression, or disability will not be tolerated in our space. We reserve the right to ask anyone who does not comply with this policy to leave our store immediately.

If you are a customer and someone is making you feel uncomfortable, please let an employee know immediately. 



Returns must be made within seven (7) days of purchase and with the original receipt. Returns are subject to the Manager's or Owner's evaluation of the product; we reserve the right to not accept a return if the product is worn or damaged.

We do not accept returns by mail of single issues.

Returns may be made for store credit, card refund, or item exchange (items must be of exact equivalent value). We do not give cash pay-outs for returned items.


Special Orders

Special orders (SPOs) must be picked up within three (3) weeks of notification of the arrival of the item. After this period, if an item is not pre-paid it will be returned to our store inventory. Pre-paid SPOs will be considered abandoned/mislaid if we have attempted to contact you twice with no response within the 3 week period.

After four (4) weeks, abandoned/mislaid purchases, in accordance with US law, may be put into our inventory and made available for purchase on all of our sales channels.


Holiday Shopping and Returns

25 Nov - 7 Jan items may be returned as stated above, but there is not a seven (7) day time restriction. All other return policies apply. Gift receipts are accepted if the original receipt is not available.